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Finnair braced for impact of strike


Technical services employees walk out for a week

Finnair estimates that it can fly the majority of its flights, despite employees from Finnair Technical Services walking out for a full week yesterday. The unions chose not to accept the carrier’s proposal on financial support and reemployment support packages, the airline said. The support is being offered to employees who are at risk of redundancy due to Finnair’s plan to source its engine and component services from SR Technics.
However, Finnair admits that some cancellations can be expected but that the total impact of the industrial action is difficult to estimate.
In April, Finnair signed a memorandum of understanding with SR Technics on engine and component maintenance support. The agreement is part of the airline’s structural changes that aim at restoring profitability. Employee negotiations are still ongoing and had been expected to end on June 12. Finnair has also been in talks with a potential buyer about the possibility of selling part of its engine operations and securing some of the jobs currently at risk.


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