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Finnair adjusts summer capacity plans


Finnair announced today that it has adjusted its longhaul capacity plans for this summer.

Finnair will operate 77 flights weekly from Asian destinations to Helsinki, with schedules tailored for onward connections to more than 50 destinations elsewhere in Europe. The adjustments are due to delays of scheduled heavy maintenance work of some widebody aircraft, as well as a shortage of overflight rights during the busy summer season. The company will fly a record number of flights to and from Asia during summer 2012, even with these slight adjustments.
The affected flights are as follows:
– AY 41/AY42 to and from Seoul on June 12/13, 13/14
– AY 61/62 to and from Hong Kong on June 14/15, 15/16, 16/17
Other flights between Helsinki and Hong Kong (AY 69/70) remain unaffected during this time.
Additionally, the company has decided to remove a total of four weekly frequencies from the combined Seoul and Hong Kong markets from June 18Th through the end of October.  The frequencies removed from the schedule are

– AY 61/AY 62 from Helsinki to Hong Kong on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays/from Hong Kong to Helsinki Tuesdays, Fridays and Mondays
– as well as AY 41/AY 42 from Helsinki to Seoul on Wednesdays/from Seoul to Helsinki on Thursdays.
During the summer period Finnair will continue to fly a total of 6 times per week to Seoul and 9 times per week to Hong Kong.
These changes impact on some bookings already made by Finnair customers. Finnair regrets the inconvenience. Customers are asked to contact the travel agent or Finnair Customer Service to find alternative flights or refund tickets. More information can be found at www.finnair.com/info.
More information: Finnair Media Desk, tel +358 9 818 4020, comms(at)finnair.com


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