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Find your perfect Vietnam beach


Wonderful beaches at world-wide famous Nha Trang bay

At moderate temperature and sunshine almost year-round, Nha Trang is absolutely ideal for sun-worshipers throughout the world. Nha Trang’s beaches are blessed with spectacular stretches of white sand and vast tranquil sea. Added to this appeal, a ring of islands scatters around with a wide variety of colorful coral reef and thousands of schools of fish swimming vigorously under crystal clear water. Nha Trang buzzes with many kinds of water sports like diving, snorkeling, and more or sunbathing as enjoyable pastime here. The lively nightlife here is the best in Vietnam outside of Saigon with abundant amount of bars and late parties in the Sailing Club every night. Its great delicacies amaze beach vacationers with the most favorite – fresh seafood.

Enchanting beaches at The Desert of Golden Sand

Charmer than Nha Trang, Phan Thiet gives any beach holiday-makers the delights of gorgeous flying sand dunes, lines of swingy coconut trees, fine golden sand and deep blue sea. A strong magnet for Phan Thiet beach vacations is the naturally gifted sea cape – Mui Ne. As artful creations of sun and dunes, Mui Ne “flying” sand dunes make it markedly differ in the continuous change of shape and vivid colors varying in red, white, pink, whitish grey and more. When it comes to pristine and truly spectacular beaches, Hon Rom beach is worth a stop. Displaying the sense of rocky wildness, Cau Island offers sandy beaches and outcrops shaping extraordinarily. It is not far from ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling with colorful coral reef and a wide variety of fishes here.

Pristine beaches at tourist mecca – Hoi An

Listed in the top 50 of the most beautiful beaches all over the world by CNNGo, An Bang beach is apparently unique with long stretch of seaside and smooth white sand. Passing through miles of peaceful countryside, you will be all eyes with this deserted beach. More widely known by locals and foreigners taking Hoi An beach vacations, Cua Dai beach is on the top 25 beaches in Asia. Sloping white powdery sand and amazingly emerald water with slapping waves make it easy to find your patch of paradise. Besides swimming at this palm-fringed coastline, you can enjoy a type of watercraft like jet ski. In clear weather, the Cham islands are in your view under an immense sky and sunshine. Cu Lao Cham has much to offer with unique coral reefs, seaweed species and more. Off the coast of Hon Lao, some diving spots are still undiscovered for snorkeling and scuba diving.

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