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Finavia highlights “extremely worrying” trend


Finavia-directed overflights decrease in first half 2013

In the January-July period, the airport operator Finavia directed 3.5% less overflights in Finnish airspace than in the same period of 2012 (17,739 from 18,389).

Finavia says that the development weakens its opportunities to achieve the air navigation performance objectives related to the harmonisation of European airspace.

“Air traffic landings have decreased significantly since spring 2012,” Raine Luojus, director of air navigation operations at Finavia, said. “The number of overflights increased until late 2012 and I consider the fact that the number of overflights has also decreased during the first part of the year extremely worrying. It appears that the slow development of global economy has also contributed to this development.”

Finavia has attempted to increase overflights in the Finnish airspace by providing airlines the opportunity to fly during the night through the most direct and optimised routes in Finnish airspace that do not necessarily follow air corridors. This has been possible since December 2012.


[photo courtesy Finnair]


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