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Fewer rescues needed at Trolltunga


Dedicated mountain guards are now in place
Dedicated mountain guards have been in place at the increasingly popular tourist destination Trolltunga since July 8, and the Red Cross has been called out only three times since then.
That compares with ten rescues in June, the newspaper Bergens Tidende reports.
“Before the mountain guards arrived, there was an increase in rescue operations compared to last year, so we’ve seen a good effect. Not least, it’s psychologically important that hikers know where to go for help,” said Red Cross district leader Stig Hope.
Visitor numbers to Trolltunga have skyrocketed from 20,000 in 2013 to 100,000 in 2016. This year, up to 170,000 are expected to make the demanding climb, which needs a full day and requires a good level of fitness. A new record was broken on July 19, when 1,839 hikers set off for Trolltunga.
The new mountain guards give people suffering from the journey “food and drink, maybe painkillers, and somewhere to lie down a little,” said Leiv Varberg, one of the guards. “Most of the time, no more is available. Most hikers who need assistance have simply underestimated the trip and become totally worn out.”
Bergens Tidende / Norway Today


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