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FAA declares Boeing 787 Dreamliner safe


But review does not specifically address battery issue

The United States’ Federal Aviation Administration has declared that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is safe to fly. Grounded for months just over a year ago due to battery problems, the 787 now has design that is “sound” and safe to fly, the FAA says in a review.

The FAA started the review following a battery fire on a 787 in Boston in January 2013. The new review concerns the plane as a whole, not specifically the battery problem.

“They found that the 787 met its intended level of safety,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said. “The plane’s fundamentally sound design and the processes the FAA and Boeing had in place to detect and correct issues that emerged were the underpinnings for that conclusion.”

The review team did, however, find problems with Boeing’s manufacturing process and the way the FAA oversees it. The administration is “moving quickly to address those problems”, Huerta said.

Ray Conner, Boeing commercial planes’ chief executive: “The findings validate our confidence in both the design of the airplane and the disciplined process used to identify and correct in-service issues as they arise.”

However, some industry analysts remain concerned about Boeing’s drive to make cost savings from suppliers on its new 777-X aircraft.



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