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Extreme weather hits Heathrow, Sweden, USA


Heathrow Airport cancels half its flights after “six centimetres” of snow

London’s Heathrow Airport cancelled half of all its flights last night, despite forecasts of no snow over the coming hours and days. The third busiest airport in the world has cancelled hundreds of flights since “suffering” six centimetres of snow over the weekend. Only 50% of Sunday’s 1,300 scheduled flights went ahead. It “hopes” to resume normal service later today, although “there may be some cancellations and reshuffling as a result of yesterday’s disruption,” a spokeswoman said. Rail, road and air travel have all been disrupted across the UK due to snow, ice and freezing fog. London’s Gatwick and Stansted airports announced warnings, but said there were no planned cancellations.
In the central plains of the United States, a major winter storm dumped heavy snow in states such as Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. More than 600 flights have been axed at Denver International Airport. “It will turn into rain when it gets into Illinois,” one forecaster said.
Extreme weather with heavy snow and the coldest temperatures of the year so far brought travel trouble across Scandinavia. Strong winds blew away the salt and sand from the roads, causing multiple car and bus accidents, especially in the Sundsvall area on Sweden’s east coast and on the islands of Öland and Gotland. A temperature low of -31 was measured in the Swedish ski resort Idre and below -40 in Norrland.
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