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Extreme heat continues to melt Greenland


“Lots of warm weather” this spring and summer
Greenland and the Arctic are being hit by more than six months of record-breaking heat in the latest sign that global warming is intensifying, with implications for travel and tourism.
At the start of the year, temperatures above freezing almost resulted in the cancellation of the Arctic Winter Games in Nuuk in March.
By the end of April, the Danish Meteorological Institute had collected a “remarkable list of records”, in the words of climatologist John Cappelen. The highest average temperature ever measured was recorded at nine weather stations for that month.
A research station on the ice cap at Camp Summit recorded a high of -25.3°C in April, compared with an average of -32.5°C for the ten years before that. A massive early onset of the ice cap’s annual melting season began.
By August, the institute “recorded a lot of warm weather” throughout Greenland. Tasiilaq on the east coast had a summer average of 8.2°C, the highest since record-keeping began in 1895.
Warmer temperatures will add to the loss of glacial ice, causing rising seas. The rush of colder water is also likely to bring more powerful storms to the North Atlantic.
The Arctic Journal


  1. And as I understand, the southpoole is increasing its icecap. Could it possible be a result of the earth have a changed its angle of tilt.


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