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Extra security checks for non-stop flights to the US from Stockholm Arlanda


Beginning Wednesday, July 9, extra security measures will be introduced for flights that go directly to the US from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Extra security checks will be carried out at the departure gates for US flights and not at the central security checkpoint. The measures are not expected to affect waiting times for passengers to any significant extent.



Computers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment will be screened just as they usually are with other hand baggage. In addition, passengers may be asked to turn on their equipment to show that it works as it should at the departure gate. It is therefore important that the batteries are charged. If the items cannot be checked, it will not be possible to take the equipment on board the aircraft.

So if you are flying non-stop to the US via Stockholm Arlanda, the following applies:

•Arrive well in advance at the airport and at your departure gate

•Make sure that mobile phones, computers, tablets and other equipment are charged so that you can show that the items work as they should at the security checkpoint at your departure gate.

A total of eight routes from Stockholm Arlanda are affected:

•Delta Airlines to New York.

•Norwegian to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale and New York

•SAS to New York and Chicago

•United Airlines to New York

Read more on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website.


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