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Exposed: Thailand’s ‘tiger selfie’ tourism


New report reveals hidden horror behind holiday photos
A worrying trend in the abuse suffered by captive tigers at the hands of Thailand’s tiger tourism industry has been exposed in a new report on the issue.
The report reveals a fast-growing industry with many more captive tigers in Thailand in recent years. At the beginning of 2016 there were 830 tigers in the country’s entertainment venues. This compares to 623 in 2010.
Tiger entertainment venues are increasing in popularity. Tourists want an up-close-and-personal, ‘once in a lifetime’ encounter with a wild tiger in captivity.
The investigative report by World Animal Protection is called ‘Tiger selfies exposed: a portrait of Thailand’s tiger entertainment industry’ and can be read here.
The publication comes in the wake of the recent scandal at Tiger Temple – where authorities in Thailand removed tigers from a Buddhist temple popular with tourists – and ahead of International Tiger Day on July 29.
Besides a worrying trend in the growing numbers of tigers involved, the report lays bare the cruel conditions that these tigers live in and the abusive methods that make them submissive enough to entertain tourists.
Of all of the 17 major tiger entertainment venues investigated in Thailand, it is Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya that has the highest number of tigers in captivity. It is also the one where the poorest conditions were observed.
The report also criticises travel site TripAdvisor for continuing to promote and sell tickets to cruel wildlife attractions like Sriracha Tiger Zoo.
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