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Experience truffle mania in the Italian town of Alba this October


The Alba International Truffle Festival, which takes place each year in Piedmont, Italy, is considered by Italians to be one of the most significant events to be held in the country.

Focused exclusively on the rare and delicate white truffle, the Alba International Truffle Festival has been taking place now for more than 80 years and is held each weekend throughout October.

White truffles can only be harvested fresh from September to December each year and are at their peak of flavour at the beginning of October. During the festival, the town of Alba becomes the site of the World Truffle Market, which features truffle hunters from the local area selling their finds in a series of stands.

This open-air market is one of the best places anywhere in the world to obtain truffles at a reasonable price, due to the high level of competition among the sellers. It is also one of the few markets where customers can sample a wide variety of freshly harvested truffles.

True truffle lovers will appreciate the opportunity to go out truffle hunting with experienced guides during the festival. As truffle hunting is widely regarded as a secret art, the number of slots are few, which means that interested tourists should be sure to book in advance.

Additional events associated with the Alba International Truffle Festival include an annual donkey race, an art show, wine and food tastings, and even a hot air balloon exhibition, making the experience one the entire family can enjoy. For more details about attending the festival, visit http://www.fieradeltartufo.org/.

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