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Experience meetings at Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius


Have you noticed that in a longer meetings or conferences you are only productive for part of the day? Well the brain will not remain engaged for even half that time, if that.

The reason usually given for why the meeting is so long is that “we have a lot to get done.”  Fair enough, but that rationale will not change the way the human brain works no matter how often it’s repeated. To keep it interesting and productive people need time to coalesce around an idea, work it like clay, test different ways to animate it. Does that sound like a typical business meeting to you?

For that Radisson Blu Royal Astorija hotel offers their guests most innovative ideas and tactics. That is why lately the new meeting model was implemented with entertaining ambience and offers suitable variables for the best possible meeting experience.

We harness creativity with Brain Box meeting rooms, that are designed to elevate your efficiency and let loose your imagination, this breakout meeting room touches upon all the senses with wall you can write on, colours that spark your brain, a flexible furniture layout that give you the space to think and amenities that help stimulate ideas. Additionally, to avoid any disturbance and technical difficulties all guests have access to high speed, wireless internet at no charge. Checking email, researching an idea that popped up during a breakout session, downloading a file or just reading the news during a coffee break is all as easy as a click on your laptop. And finally, we offer a new food concept Brain Food that is designed to stimulate brain work and productivity.


1. Lots of fish, whole grain products, fruit and vegetables

2. Primarily fresh, locally sourced ingredients

3. Pure ingredients with minimal industrial processing

4. Less meat and always a maximum 10 % fat content

5. Natural sweeteners and never more than 10 % added sugar

6. Focus on good taste and satisfying the senses

Additionally, each time you book a meeting or event at the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel you can earn points within our Club Carlson for Planners programme.

With our new concept, meetings can be more productive, entertaining and useful.


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