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Packing up the family in the car and heading off on a summer vacation isn’t just part of our romantic past. It’s the way most families still prefer to take their leisure trips.

That’s according to Choice Hotels, which surveyed hundreds of Americans planning a summer vacation and found 75.3 percent of them said they will drive to their vacation destination this summer. And they’ll drive an average of 689 miles round trip.

Those driving prefer that to flying, taking a bus or taking a train to get to their vacation destination.

Most travelers — leisure or business — will agree with the top “must-have” hotel or resort amenities Choice uncovered in its survey. They are, in order, free high-speed Internet, free continental breakfast and an in-room refrigerator.

Choice also found an increase in the number of summer trips families will take this year, but a decrease in how long those vacations will be.

  • More findings in Choice Hotels’ Summer Trends survey:
  • August will be the busiest month of leisure travel this summer.
  • More than 53 percent of travelers are enrolled in travel reward programs.
  • Camping is the least favorite vacation.
  • Travelers would rather lose their luggage than their mobile phone.

(Choice Hotels)

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