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Expanding the range of food outlets after Passport Control in Avinor Oslo Airport

For passengers travelling to countries outside the Schengen Agreement, Avinor will be opening a new food outlet concept which offers an international, varied range of food.
“After fierce competition involving several bidders, it is with pleasure that we are able to announce that the new food outlet for passengers travelling to countries outside Schengen will be the Food Truck Festival. HMSHost-Umoe F&B Company AS submitted the most attractive bid, and we are sure that travellers will quickly become as convinced of this as we are”, said Torgeir Kjos Sørensen, Commercial Director at Avinor Oslo Airport.
“We are extremely proud to introduce the ‘Food Truck Festival’ at Oslo Airport. The concept has been inspired by street food markets all over the world, including Norway. This is a new way of presenting and experiencing food and drink in the terminal, and we believe that this will add value to people’s overall experience in Oslo Airport. We want to give people on the move a reason to spend more time in the airport before a flight – and a concept like the Food Truck Festival could make all the difference. We are delighted that Avinor has chosen us to develop such an innovative and exciting concept”, said Per Christensen, General Manager for HMSHost-Umoe F&B Company.
Travellers to countries outside the Schengen Area have to go through Passport Control to get to their gate, which means that they cannot enjoy the rest of the airport’s outlets once they have gone through Passport Control. In the past, there has not been enough space to provide more than a limited food outlet. However, this area was expanded in April, and more facilities are now under construction.
“The Food Truck Festival will bring something new and exciting to Oslo Airport that we have not seen there before. With its international nature, this concept is ideal for the non-Schengen Area, and will provide an excellent facility for the increasing number of travellers to and from these countries”, concluded Kjos Sørensen.
The Food Truck Festival is planned to open in November 2017.
Inspired by street food markets all over the world, including ones in Norway, a vibrant, urban Food Truck Festival is coming to Oslo Airport. Two retro-style trucks, two stylish camper vans and a small tuk-tuk create the atmosphere in this exciting new area.
This outlet offers passengers healthy, low-fat food, prepared from scratch every day. Fresh ingredients and healthy choices are Joyride’s number one priority. All the food is prepared using the best-quality local ingredients, including home-made breads, soups, salads, gourmet sandwiches and fresh juices.
Pizza Wheel offers authentic Neapolitan pizzas, topped with only the best-quality ingredients. The pizza bases are crisp, yet soft. We try to use local ingredients wherever possible so that we know they are as fresh as possible. The pizza bases are made from scratch and hand-stretched in the traditional Italian way.
Number Juan is a Mexican food truck offering authentic favourites like burritos, tacos and salad bowls.
This night and day concept offers tasty baked goods, including stuffed breakfast rolls and Norwegian breakfast casseroles in the morning, which seamlessly transition to tasty open sandwiches in the afternoon and evening.
Tailgate offers a selection of beers, wines and coffees.


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