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EU to tell airlines to start flight-tracking


European Parliament has until Oct 27 for any objections
The European Union intends to impose mandatory flight-tracking, though its preferred interval for position updates is still unclear.
In response to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the European Commission wants to approve plans to mandate flight tracking from take-off to landing on new aircraft from 2018. The European Aviation Safety Agency is likely to recommend a three-minute interval.
EU member states signed the new measures in July and the European Parliament has until October 27 to raise any objections.
Once the regulation is adopted, airlines will have three years to install tracking devices. But existing planes without the technology will not have to be retrofitted, EU officials say
The International Civil Aviation Organization, meanwhile, has given airlines the deadline of November 2016 to install tracking technology. This will provide position information every 15 minutes when over ocean or remote areas.


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