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EU reveals Package Travel Directive proposal


Reforms to the Package Travel Directive have been unveiled, with the European Commission insisting that the update brings the PTD into the “digital age”.

The European Commission said the reforms would “improve consumer rights for 120 million holidaymakers”, although Abta has warned that travel businesses are unlikely to see any changes before 2016.

The proposal dictates that for buyers of traditional and customized packages, there will be stricter controls on price surcharges, with a 10% cap on price increases and a requirement to pass on price reductions in equivalent circumstances

There will also be improved cancellation rights, with consumers able to enjoy more flexibility by being able to terminate the contract before leaving home and paying the organizer a reasonable compensation. They will also be able to cancel the contract, free of charge, before departure in the event of natural disasters, civil unrest, or similar serious situations at the destination that would affect the holiday, when, e.g. the embassies give negative travel advices.


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