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EU president to call for airline data sharing


Donald Tusk wants tighten security after Paris attacks

Donald Tusk, the former prime minister of Poland who is now president of the European Council, says he will press the EU Parliament this week to drop objections to countries sharing airline passenger data. He wants to see security tightened after the wave of attack that has hit Paris.

Tusk said at a summit in Latvia on Friday: “Next week in Strasbourg I will appeal to the European Parliament to speed up work on the EU Passenger Name Record system, which can help in detecting the travel of dangerous people.”

He said he had discussed the response to the attack with French President Francois Hollande. Until now, European MPs have been against a system that shares data, arguing it would affect people’s privacy.

“Such dramatic events demonstrate the vulnerability of nations in today’s world,” Tusk said. “The European Union cannot do everything, but it can contribute to strengthening our security. In reaction to 9/11, the EU developed the European Arrest Warrant. But we need to do more.”


[image courtesy European Commission]


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