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Estonian Air to adjust schedule between Kajaani and Tallinn


Since the opening of the new flight route between Kajaani and Tallinn, Estonian Air has been continuously investigating the profile of travellers and the overall conditions to ensure the sustainability of the Kajaani-Tallinn route.

The emphasis has been the development of tourism resorts by increasing the amount of inbound tourists and creating new services for tour operators. Based on feed-back from the tour operators and regional tourism companies, and in order to fit the overall market demand better, Estonian Air will adjust the flight schedule and change the aircraft type on Kajaani-Tallinn route.

“We are very pleased that Estonian Air has worked closely with us to improve the departure and arrival times based on feed-back from customers and partners”, comments Carl Wideman, the FDI-Business Development Director from Kainuun Etu Oy.

As of 01 June Estonian Air flights will departure from Kajaani to Tallinn at 15:25 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and at 21:00 on Sundays.

Estonian Air is aiming to attract different types of travelers, paying more attention to increase the share of transfer passengers. The goal is to use Estonia’s good geographical location to connect Estonia with East and West and offering good connectivity from Tallinn to Europe, CIS countries and Scandinavia.

The new schedule offers good connectivity via Tallinn to major European destinations. The same time people from Kajaani can have excellent city-break opportunities.

The flights will be operated by Estonian Air regional with 32-seater SAAB 340.

Travellers who have bought their tickets for flights after 1June 2012, will be contacted by Estonian Air to find the best solution for the change in their travel plans. Travellers who have bought their tickets from travel agency, will be contacted by the agency.

AS Estonian Air, Estonia’s national carrier, is the biggest operator at Tallinn Airport.
Estonian Air focuses on improving the connection between Estonia and the rest of the world with the aim of increasing competitiveness as a network carrier hub.

Estonian Air flies to 24 destinations in CIS, Scandinavia and Europe. The airline has recently announced new destinations, such as Helsinki, Riga, Jyväskylä, Hannover, Vienna, Venice, Joensuu, Kajaani and Tbilisi.

One way fares start from 49.90 EUR from Tallinn and 55.46 EUR from Kajaani, if purchased from www.estonian-air.com   including all fees and taxes, baggage, snacks and soft drinks on longer flights and soft drinks on flights that last less than 1 hour.


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