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Estonia Resort Hotel and Spa recognised for its innovative conference solutions


The Estonia Resort Hotel and Spa and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe were awarded the ‘Most Innovative Conference Solution’ for the 2016 Roaster Camp at this year’s Conference of the Year gala awards ceremony hosted by the Estonian Convention Bureau.
The Roaster Camp invited Europe’s top coffee masters to meet in the Estonian summer capital of Pärnu at the Estonia Resort Hotel and Spa, a new spa and conference hotel. All of the Roaster Camp’s educational activities, as well as accommodation and catering, took place in the same complex.
Organised by the Roaster Guild of Europe, the event gathered some 130 participants. Moreover, a few days later the Barista Guild of Europe held its own event at the Estonia Resort Hotel and Spa, attracting 180 baristas from 26 different countries.
Both events offered professional workshops, seminars, round-table discussions and team challenges. To support the healthy way of living, each day started with a yoga session or morning run and ended with spa baths and sauna visits. For the first time in the history of coffee professional camps, coffee masters could party in the pool – a great finish to a full day of lectures and discussions.
The two international events were brought to Pärnu by the Estonian Convention Bureau, which served as the first point of contact for the Barista Guild of Europe, as well as the Pärnu City Government, who helped arrange transfers from Tallinn and Riga airports to the venue. A large number of volunteers from several European countries were involved, including students from Pärnu College. To promote the coffee culture in Pärnu to the local community, organisers arranged a complimentary Coffee Cupping Event – an eye-opening evening full of specialty coffee and new knowledge. Hundreds of kilos of coffee beans roasted during the event’s workshops were donated to the local Open Care Centre for Elderly People.



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