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Enjoy the ultimate chocolate, at its source in Tuscany


Lovers of chocolate in its purest, most beautiful and tempting forms, should visit Florence’s Artisan Chocolate Fair between 10th-19th February 2012.

The annual event brings delectable handmade products from dozens of top chocolatiers, within the atmospheric Piazza della Repubblica. Entry is free.

First time visitors will be wise to pace themselves. Amid displays of finished confectionery, finest chocolate is being made; large quantities of rich ingredients are blended before transfixed audiences who are encouraged to taste the results.

The chic, hedonistic clientele enjoy magnificent molten-chocolate fountains, chocolate mobile phones and espresso pots, even large edible plates and tablets inscribed with personalised messages, plus figurines, models and monuments, arrayed on a grand scale.

In every colour and flavour, every possible shape, even ironmongery and household implements are hand-carved convincingly from pure chocolate. The chocolatiers’ processes are in plain view; the Fair is very far from factory production methods.

Large ‘cakes’ of white chocolate looking like blue cheese, are dotted with syrupy liqueurs and dried fruit. Any slabs too large to lift are split by cleaver-wielding salesmen, to separate the size of chunk each customer requires.

Delicate truffles are stacked alongside great blocks of solid chocolate like country loaves, pure or studded with nuts and sold whole or in segments, by weight. This really is finest chocolate at its exotic best.

The grand venue welcomes a chocolate carnival at the weekends, with music and costumed characters, and plenty of delicious samples.

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More information about visiting the Artisan Chocolate Fair in Tuscany can be found at http://www.fieradelcioccolato.it/home.html

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