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Engine issues delay new Norwegian planes


Airbus A320neos held back by two to three months
Airbus is delaying the delivery of the first of around 100 A320neo aircraft Norwegian has on order. Norwegian’s chief executive says that additional tests of its Pratt & Whitney engines are needed and that deliveries are being held back by two to three months.
“The engines on the new neo planes require some more tests. It’s always like that when new aircraft are being introduced,” Bjorn Kjos said. “The entire output is being delayed.”
The airline has 100 of the new aircraft type on order, the first four of which had been scheduled to be delivered this year and eight more in 2017. The planes will be added to Norwegian’s fleet of Boeings.
“The A320neo has some teething issues, but we are working with Pratt & Whitney to solve the problems,” a spokeswoman at Airbus said. “We are in constant discussion with our customers and we expect the problems to be solved by mid-year.”


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