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Emergency as passengers fight over seat


Knee Defender stops the seat in front from reclining

A plane in the US was diverted and two passengers removed when a fight started over a banned device to stop the seat in front reclining.

The argument on a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver erupted because one passenger used the Knee Defender, a $22 lock that stops the seat in front from reclining.

A male passenger seated in a middle seat used the device to stop the woman in front of him reclining while he was on his laptop, according to media reports of the incident. Cabin crew asked him to remove the device, but he refused. The woman in front stood up and threw a cup of water at him.

The pilots diverted to Chicago O’Hare, where police removed the passengers and the plane continued to Denver without them. Both passengers were sitting in the “economy plus” part of the plane.


[image courtesy Knee Defender]


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