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Emergency as passenger gets angry over nuts and crackers


Rome-Chicago flight forced to divert as passenger becomes enraged
A plane travelling from Rome to Chicago was forced to divert to Belfast after a passenger became enraged over nuts and crackers.
A court heard that the United Airlines flight had to land at the airport on Saturday, dumping 50,000 litres of fuel. US citizen Jeremiah Mathias Thede was arrested and charged with endangering the safety of the plane. He was also accused of assaulting one of the cabin crew.
Thede reportedly got to his feet while the seatbelt sign was still on and refused to return until he was given nuts and crackers. He got up again 10 minutes later, shouted and was abusive, and cabin crew alerted the captain as they were getting close to the Atlantic Ocean.
Thede squared up to the cabin crew, blocked aisles and lifted bags in and out of the overheard lockers. The captain then took the decision to divert to Belfast due to his erratic behaviour.
The airline estimates compensation costs could be up to €500,000. Thede claimed there was a conspiracy against him and that he was being picked on.
TTG Digital / BBC


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