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Embark on a London open top bus tour and take a trip to enchanting Leeds Castle


Delve into the most renowned districts of London, including famed Marble Arch, lively Piccadilly, the one and only Oxford Street and charming Covent Garden. Incidentally, these are all exceptional areas to do some shopping for both orthodox and more distinctive items.

It is certainly worth hopping off on your open top tour and spending some time visiting Carnaby Street, which is still home to a range of inimitable and idiosyncratic boutiques.

Carnaby is the animated and dynamic part of north Soho situated just behind Regent Street. During the 1960s, Carnaby Street was the very focal point of culture London, the ideal place to find the latest fashions and savour some extraordinary live music from bands that would go on to make rock history. Many independent fashion boutiques such as Take Six and Merc and eminent designers including Mary Quant and Lord John were located in Carnaby Street in this incredibly artististic era.

From beginning to end, world celebrated Oxford Street encompasses an incredible one and a half miles. Expect a remarkable variety of acclaimed department stores and numerous flagship stores, as well as hundreds of smaller shops, can be found on this commercial haven. It is, unsurprisingly, the largest shopping street in central London, and forms part of an even greater shopping area including Regent Street, Bond Street and a number of other side streets that are in close proximity.

If you feel you have explored London to the fullest extent possible, take a day trip to another region of the UK, such as grandiose Leeds Castle. Over thirty years, more than 10 million people have visited this exquisite landmark. Leeds Castle has been, in turn, a palace used by Henry VIII, a Jacobean country house, a Georgian mansion and a Norman stronghold. The Castle was also home to six medieval queens over 150 years.

Take a Leeds Castle tour for rather an amazing experience. Your very first vision of this imperious fortress from the Cascade garden will astound and bewilder you. The great numbers of activities on offer at Leeds Castle are incomparable. It is possibly the most beautiful castle in the UK.

Explore London on a thrilling bus tour. Hop on hop off London tours are mostly valuable in that you can ‘hop off’ as often as you wish in order to delve into a particular attraction or area of the capital in depth. You can then ‘hop’ back on to your bus as and when you choose to. A London open top tour allows for outstanding ease and simplicity in your sightseeing experience. Explore this incredible capital much more meticulously than you would be able to otherwise, on a bus tour. Also ensure you visit magical Leeds Castle; it is sure to overwhelm you in its dignified majesty.


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