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Egypt tourism returns to 2006 levels


But still a long way to go to 2010 pre-revolution peak

Visitor numbers to Egypt have returned to levels seen in 2006, the country’s tourism authorities say. Around 187,000 tourists from the US visited the country in 2012, for example, the same as in 2006. However, there is a long way to go to the pre-revolution peak of 2010, when Egypt saw a record 360,000 US tourists. There were around 753,000 visitors in total in February 2012, compared to 211,000 at the height of the civil unrest last February.
To attract more tourists, Egypt is now trying to get tourists to journey beyond usual attractions such as the pyramids. These include “the Red Sea, the South Sinai for its magnificent beaches, its coral reef and fish,” the Egyptian Tourist Authority’s New York tourism attaché Mohamed Hegazy says. “Add to this the country’s Nile cruises, its black and white deserts, religious attractions including the oldest mosque and synagogue in Northern Africa, its first-class golf courses, safaris and other leisure tourism and business travel offerings.”


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