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Egypt puts Cairo marketing on hold


Tourism minister to focus on other highlights

Egypt’s minister of tourism is refusing to promote Cairo as a destination for the time being. Speaking at a press briefing, Hisham Zaazou said the capital city would go unpromoted for as long as it is perceived to be unsafe.

Instead, attention will focus on promoting Egypt’s other attractions like Luxor and the Red Sea resorts.

“I am not going to bang my head against a brick wall. Cairo unfortunately has demonstrations nowadays, let’s forget about Cairo itself,” he admitted.

“We don’t feel there are really problems [with demonstrations] as there are few numbers in them and they disappear, but I said let’s forget about Cairo for the moment until we finish other jobs.”

He maintained that despite the recent political upheaval Egypt remained a safe destination for tourists.

“For the past three years no single incident so far has been targeted against the tourists. Many years ago when we had the terrorist incident, the tourist was the target. Nowadays they are not. It is an issue between one faction now and society, the faction knows if it targets the tourist it will lose the case altogether.”

Zaazou said that 9.5 million tourists visited Egypt in 2013, down from 11.5 million in 2012 and the record of 14.7 million in 2010.

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[pictured: Kalaun-Moschee, Cairo, by Georg Macco (1863–1933)]


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