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Ecoart Travel launches eco-friendly day trips to islands and beaches from Rome


Stepping off the hydrofoil onto Ponza Island is a bit like stepping into a time capsule. Located just far enough away from mainland Italy, Ponza has remained miraculously immune to the ills that plague more the more tourist-oriented island of Capri.

“It has always amazed us that so many visitors to Rome flock to Capri on these extreme day trips where they spend upwards of 8 hours in travel time there and back,” explains Cosimo Arena, COO of EcoArt Travel, the Rome Tour Operator behind the new day trip to Ponza from Rome,  “But then we realized that most were simply unaware of Ponza’s existence, how incredibly beautiful it is, or how much closer the island is to Rome.”

Guests on the company’s Ponza tour, launching in July 2014, will appreciate having the guesswork taken out of deciphering the often-cryptic Italian train and hydrofoil schedules, which, for the most part, don’t line up.

“We wanted to remove the stress of the logistics of getting to Ponza and make this as easy as possible for our guests. Our day trip includes all transfers by air-conditioned bus, hydrofoil tickets, boat excursions and meals once on the island,” said Mr. Arena, “Plus the trip is accompanied by an English-speaking tour leader, eliminating any potential issues caused by the language barrier.”

EcoArt Travel, known in Rome for its Segway tour company www.RomebySegway.com, isn’t stopping at Ponza. For travelers looking for something a little more laid back, they are offering a day trip to Sperlonga beach, also the first day trip of its kind.

Sperlonga is located a short 2 hour drive from Rome and offers golden sands, gentle tides and plenty of dining and activity options. EcoArt’s day trip includes transfers to and from Sperlonga, a lounge chair and umbrella rental at a beach nestled at the foot of scenic Sperlonga village, and the opportunity to book add-ons like a boat excursion along the coast exploring grottoes and ancient Roman ruins.

“There is so much more to Italy than the big headliners, the Colosseum, the Vatican etcetera,” insists Mr. Arena, “Being on vacation should really be about relaxing and enjoying beauty. We’re really excited about introducing travelers to and having them appreciate these protected areas, there’s a whole world there to be discovered.”

EcoArt’s day trips to Ponza Island and Sperlonga beach run on weekdays starting from July 2014. For more information or to book, visit www.EcoArtTravel.com or write to info@EcoArtTravel.com.

EcoArt Travel is an officially licensed Italy tour operator offering extraordinary and eco-conscious ways to explore Rome and beyond.


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