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Ebola crisis has brief impact on travel sales


American Airlines admits to short-term hit on ticket sales

American Airlines admits that bookings fell on the day after US lawmakers discussed the Ebola crisis. There was a “measurable impact” on sales in mid-October after some members of Congress called for a travel ban on flights from West Africa because of the crisis.

However, Scott Kirby, the airline’s president, said that while bookings had fallen on the day after the Congress session, sales have quickly “snapped back to normal” in the last few days. Other US-based airlines say the Ebola crisis has had no impact on sales.

The comments came as American Airlines revealed a pre-tax profit of $949 million for the three months to the end of September, following its merger with US Airways.

“We are very pleased to have reported a record profit for each quarter so far in 2014,” its chief executive Doug Parker said. “While some of the biggest tasks in our integration still lie before us, the significant accomplishments to date reinforce our confidence that we are well on our way to restoring American as the world’s greatest airline.”

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