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Easy ticketing & more with Hahn Air

The Hahn Air team at their hangar in Egelsbach near Frankfurt.

ADVERTORIAL: Every travel agent in Scandinavia has probably experienced the following (rather annoying) scenario before: They found the perfect connection for their client and they could even book the flights in their GDS. However, when they tried to issue the ticket, they got a failure message.

This is often the case for smaller, domestic carriers in the Far East, South America and Africa as many of these airlines are not connected to the local payment systems (BSPs) of Northern European countries.

Thanks to Hahn Air, there is a simple solution. The number-one-ticketing-expert has been providing support with its services for more than 15 years. Over 100,000 agencies in 190 markets and more than 300 air, rail and shuttle partners trust in Hahn Air’s services.

The Hahn Air solution
If travel agents cannot issue a ticket of an airline after completing a booking, they can issue the flight on a Hahn Air HR-169 ticket. Hahn Air is an IATA airline with an unparalleled network of air, rail and shuttle partners. It has been specialising in distribution services for other airlines since 1999 and enables its partner carriers to make their flights available to travel agents via its leading ticketing database.

Ms. Kimberley Long, Vice President of Sales & Agency Distribution Hahn Air.

How to issue a ticket with Hahn Air
Travel agents can simply choose Hahn Air as the validating carrier and follow the standard ticketing process of their GDS. In case Hahn Air is not suggested by the GDS, the agent can actively select Hahn Air ticket stock. For even more support, Hahn Air’s website provides detailed guidelines on how to issue an HR-169 ticket in the major GDSs.

Free insolvency insurance
Once the ticket is issued, insolvency insurance is another topic. Europe is currently witnessing a vivid discussion about mandatory insolvency insurance for airlines to better protect passengers, especially as mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies seem to be occurring more often. Hahn Air is the first and only airline to offer a free and comprehensive coverage in case of an airline bankruptcy.

For all services issued on a HR-169 ticket, Securtix® guarantees a full reimbursement if one of the transportation partners should become insolvent. What’s more, the insurance even covers stranded passengers that have already started their journey. Since the introduction of Securtix® in 2010, travel agents have issued more than 30 million insolvency-safe tickets with Hahn Air.

A happy customer – with Hahn Air
In the end, the travel agent is able to issue the ticket. The customer might not even be aware that his journey is facilitated with Hahn Air – just like any of the millions of passengers that travel with an HR-169 document between 4,000 airports each year. “We are strictly a B2B company and do not target travellers directly”, says Kimberley Long, Vice President Sales and Agency Distribution at Hahn Air. “However, for Hahn Air’s travel agent partners, we hope that our services make all the difference in the world.”



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