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Earthquake hits Italian holiday island


Quake strikes island of Ischia near Naples
At least two people have died, 39 were injured and others are missing in a magnitude 4.0 earthquake centred just offshore from the Italian island of Ischia, popular with tourists and a short boat ride from Naples.
Closest to the epicentre was the town of Casamicciola, where one woman was killed under the rubble of her home. Another was killed by falling debris from a church.
Aftershocks continue to be felt as rescue teams worked through the night and into this morning, pulling a seven-month-old baby alive from a collapsed home.
The quake hit just before 21:00 last night and many residents and tourists ran out on to the streets. Help was quickly at hand, as civil protection crews were already on the island to fight forest fires.
Italy has suffered a number of earthquakes in recent years. Ischia’s deadliest was in 1883, killing 2,300 people.
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