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Early Easter plays havoc with Nordic air traffic results


Fewer pax in Copenhagen, Stockholm, airports in Norway
The early Easter this year, with major travel days falling in March, affected April traffic throughout the Nordic region, at Copenhagen Airport causing a drop in passenger numbers of almost 4%.
It was the first time in two years that CPH saw a monthly year-on-year decline in passenger numbers. The fall of around 85,000 passengers compared with April 2014 was equivalent to a 3.9% decline. However, the year-to-date increase in passenger numbers is just 0.1% (7.5 million passengers in the first four months of 2015).
In April last year, the rate of increase in passenger numbers was unusually high in Copenhagen, at 17%.
European traffic at CPH in April 2015 was down 4.1%, intercontinental traffic was 0.4% lower and domestic traffic was down by 5.3%. Two-thirds of all domestic travellers are business travellers, so the decline was to be expected as business travel is low at Easter.
In Norway, passenger traffic to and from operator Avinor’s airports decreased by 2.2% in April, to 4,012,574 passengers, compared to the same month last year. Domestic traffic was down 1.9%, international traffic down 2.3%. A total of travelled to and from Avinor airports in April.
In Oslo the decrease was slight, at 0.3% (including transit), but Bergen saw a 2.5% decline, Stavanger 6.3% and Trondheim 4%.
In total, just under 15 million passengers have travelled to and from all of Avinor’s airports so far this year, down 1.8% on last year.
In Sweden, numbers at Stockholm Arlanda Airport were static at 1.9 million people in total in April, about the same as in April 2014. International traffic grew by about 1% to 1.45 million, kept up by two new US direct routes to Las Vegas and Puerto Rico, but domestic traffic fell by 2% to 440,000 people.
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[pictured: Stavanger Airport; photo courtesy Avinor]


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