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Dumbest excuses for arriving late at the airport


“I couldn’t decide what to wear,” says a late holidaymaker

More than a fifth of almost 1800 travellers questioned in a survey by British travel company sunshine.co.uk admitted they had missed or almost missed an international flight. Here are some of the strangest excuses they gave at check-in when begging to be allowed on the plane.

One woman put her watch back two hours in anticipation of her arrival in her destination – and then forgot she’d changed it and arrived at the airport two hours late. A man said he only just made his flight after telling staff he’d been stuck on the toilet with possible food poisoning – and blaming the “substandard” airport food.

“I couldn’t decide what to wear,” said one holidaymaker bound for Egypt. Another woman said she was so enthralled watching The Lion King for the first time she couldn’t leave home before finding out how it ended.

A man said he’d fallen asleep on the barstool at the airport bar, but now the 20-minute nap had sobered him up and he was ready to fly.

One couple travelling to Tenerife told airport staff they’d had to stop the car on the way to the airport to get “intimate”. Another couple was far more tense – the man blamed his wife for repacking their suitcases seven times to check they hadn’t forgotten anything.

One woman broke down in tears, explaining, “My car broke down on the motorway so I had to walk miles and miles with my luggage to get here!”

A man told check-in staff he was late because he had to feed his 17 cats, five dogs and two budgies, before telling his neighbour how to do it. And another man came close to missing his flight to Tunisia because thought it was the wrong day. Luckily his mum was on the ball, and he made it just in time.

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[pictured: São Paulo; photo courtesy Agência Brasil]


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