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Dubai installs world’s most valuable bathtub


XXII Carat Villas Dubai tub has million-dollar price-tag
Known for designing the world’s most exquisite bathroom fixtures crafted from gemstones like amethyst, rock crystal and malachite, the Florence-based ultra-luxury Italian bathtub maker Baldi says it will launch its Jewels for the Home bathtub collection in accommodation in Dubai.
The kind of Florentine craftsmanship reminiscent of the European palaces will be available for guests to sink into at XXII Carat Villas on the Palm Jumeirah, including what Baldi claims is the world’s most valuable bathtub.
“Baldi bathtubs are truly jewels for the home,” says Luca Baldi, Baldi’s chief executive. “Each bathtub is comparable to a Renaissance creation, a work of art and craft that testifies to the beauty of nature meeting design.”
Only three of the bathtubs have been made so far, all carved from solid blocks of Amazonian crystal found in the Brazilian Amazon forest.
Baldi recently sold a bathtub carved from a single 10-ton Amazonian crystal to socialite Tamara Ecclestone for $1,000,000. The three-person tub was sculpted with diamond cuts.
A similar rock crystal tub will be available in some of the Sapphire villas at XXII Carat Villas. Other baths will be carved from rose quartz and green quartz with gold trim.
Developed by The Forum Group, XXII Carat Villas is “a development of 22 villas offering the ultimate luxury in beachfront resort-style living on the Palm Jumeirah next to One and Only the Palm. The private beachfront gated community comprises uniquely-designed seven-bedroom villas ranging from 8,000 to 13,000 square feet with dramatic views of the Dubai city skyline.”
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