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Drive for Västmanland – The Essence of Sweden


Help us spread the word about cool Swedish experiences in Västmanland by voting for what Dutch traveller Jeroen will do on his holiday.

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The Future Traveller lets Social Media decide content of holiday
To dare letting go and hand over control is very adventurous. This is Jeroen. He comes from Holland and has travelled around the world. This year he is planning his holiday in Sweden. Jeroen is a real adventurer. He has walk the Inka Trail and been up close and personal with lions in Africa. But this year he is doing something really brave – he is letting go of control and will let people in Social Media around the world decide what he spends his precious days off doing.

We get an overload of input every day and we are constantly forced to make choices. Choice can, of course, be a good thing, but too many options can be experienced as stressful. A holiday should be about relaxation, new experiences and adventure. So, in a world where we constantly are forced to make small and big decisions every day – will we find ourselves planning our travels in a totally new way in the future? Stress related diseases and depressions are increasing at an alarming rate in developed countries – so who knows – this may be the future of tourism!

The World Rules
Back to Jeroen. For the next few weeks people across the world will be able to vote on 88 different experiences and Jeroen promises to participate in the exciting tours and crazy activities that Social Media voters decide for him. Once voting is done, this brave man will head off on his holiday geared up with a Go-Pro camera and Selfie Stick and embark on an exciting journey in Sweden. By filming, and in some cases live streaming, his travels Social Media will be able to participate in the adventures without even leaving their home.

What should Jeroen expect?
Jeroen could expect pretty much anything, but here are some examples what Social Media will have to choose from:

· Guided historical tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Viking remains.

· Nights spent in unusual hotels like the Sala Silvermine hotel room 155 m (500 feet) under ground or Kolarbyn Eco-lodge where you sleep in forest huts without electricity or running water

· Adrenaline kicks on Zip-lines, Cable Parks, Ribb Boats, Paragliding…

· Wildlife tours to spot Swedish wildlife, nature tours, kayaking, fishing…

· Taking part is strange Swedish traditions and subcultures such as a “Surströmming” party (Surströmming is fermented fish and has one of the most putrid food smells in the world), meet some “Raggare” (a Scandinavian subculture known for their love of hot rod cars and 1950s American pop culture) or participate in a Melodic Death Metal Band rehersal (the style of music originated in Sweden)

Jeroen Wams, Traveller and Adventurer: ”This is an awesome idea and I am thrilled to be the one selected to try this. I am willing to do just about anything – I’ll even eat worms if I have to, but maybe they don’t do that in Sweden?”

More information
To follow the voting process and Jeroen’s holiday, follow “Västmanland – The Essence of Sweden” on Facebook, where you will also be able to find the link for voting. Or just follow this link:


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