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Dreamliner forced to turn back to Stockholm


Passengers endure circling above Baltic Sea to lose fuel

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner operated by Norwegian heading from Stockholm to Los Angeles was forced to turn back when problems were noticed with the wings’ take-off and landing flaps. Passengers had to endure 45 minutes of circling above the Baltic Sea to lose fuel before landing again at Arlanda.

“At 15:47 we were informed by the pilot about the problem,” said a spokeswoman at the Sweden’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre. “I don’t know if it is because he can’t get the flaps back in or can’t get them out. But he doesn’t want fly all the way without looking it over.”

The plane at around 16:30. “There was no emergency landing. The pilot told us that he made a normal landing,” the spokeswoman said.

Due to Norwegian’s ongoing technical problems with its new Dreamliner aircraft, Swedish passengers are reported claiming millions of kronor in compensation.

The Local/TT

[pictured: Dreamliner; photo courtesy Norwegian]


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