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Dispute over changes to airports in Greenland


Greenland airports likely to get major overhaul
Greenland’s modest airport infrastructure is to get an overhaul, as agreed by the territory’s government, but there is some resistance to the changes on the ground.
The DKK 2 billion (€270 million) changes got approval by Inatitsisartut, the national assembly, and will see five airports serve as the primary hubs for domestic and international traffic. Improvements at heliports would also be made.
A final specific plan will now be drawn up to be voted on by the Inatitsisartut.
Knud Kristiansen, infrastructure minister, says there will probably be runway extensions in Nuuk, the capital, and Ilulissat, a major tourist destination, work on which will start in 2016. Two new airports will be built and another renovated.
However, the final length of the Nuuk runway is still in dispute. Opponents also say there will be a negative impact on Kangerlussuaq, a town of around 500 people, which is currently the site of the primary international airport. Without the airport, the town may not survive.
The Arctic Journal


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