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Disneyland opens unique pre-sunrise Jungle Cruise


Want to skipper a boat at Disneyland? Now you can, for $300
Disneyland, Southern California, is now offering its Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari to be skippered by members of the public, on select mornings before the park opens for the day, for $300.
The exclusive safari starts at 05:30. Escorted by a team of Disneyland employees with lanterns, the pre-dawn safari coasts through an empty Downtown Disney and along Main Street USA, as crews prepare for the 09:00 opening.
The unique vantage point offers the reverse perspective seen by most Disneyland visitors, USA Today writes. Rather than looking up from the boat at the panoramic scene, the pre-sunrise safari buyers look over the shoulders of the animals at the river. This is the behind-the-scenes access that Disney is now allowing – for a price.
The deal includes a hearty breakfast, after which the safari group heads down to the Jungle Cruise boathouse at 07:30. There they board a canopied steamer tramp for two complete circuits around the river.
Los Angeles Times


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