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Discover new tour experiences with G Adventures


New for 2017
Extraordinary experiences built right into each tour
Every G Adventures tour provides our travellers with dozens of opportunities to make powerful memories that last a lifetime. But they don’t just happen by accident; our CEOs and tour designers work together to craft moments that make every tour exceptional – unique experiences baked right into our adventures.
G Adventures for Good
Genuine, immersive experiences with our amazing G Adventures-supported community development programs.
Local Living
Handmade feasts and overnight stays with local families that bring a homemade slice of our Local Living Travel Style to other tours.
Big Night Out
From pub crawls to bonfires on the beach or a night of street food, celebrate late into the evening with your group of new best friends.
Come home with a new set of skills learned from an expert. Master the mojito, learn to dance the tango like a local, try your skills at dumpling making, and more.
Carte Blanche
Your adventure belongs to you, so here’s time to do as you wish. Fill your free time with your choice of optional activities, go exploring on your own, or simply kick back.
Adventuring is tough work. Take care of yourself out there with post-hike massages, tai chi in the park, scrub-downs at hammams and more.
National Geographic Journeys Exclusives
Gain behind-the-scenes access to research facilities, historical sites, local experts, and other National Geographic experiences. (Available only on National Geographic Journeys.)
Look for these features when booking your travellers on their next great adventure.
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