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Discover magnificent England


There are particular London attractions that you should certainly consider visiting above others.

Madame Tussauds is one such attraction; it is the only place where you can marvel at some intensely renowned celebrities inhabiting the same space.

Merge a visit to Madame Tussauds with an exploration into the most compelling landmarks of the capital: in particular, visits to the imperious Tower of London Tour and striking Buckingham Palace should be high on your list of things to do. The Tower of London overflows with fascinating sights, from the captivating Royal Beasts exhibition to the spectacular Crown Jewels held in the Jewel Tower, the very zenith of any visit. Buckingham Palace is an extravagant landmark, a landmark that does not fail to entrance visitors. After all, the Palace is rich in regal import.

Exploring Greenwich makes for a charming London experience. Most notably, the Old Royal Naval College will play a key role in this year’s impending Summer Olympics. The ‘Green’ and grounds behind the college will be the site for Equestrian events. A temporary arena capable of housing 15,000 spectators will be constructed.  Additionally to this, Greenwich will also be imparted with Royal Borough status during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Venture outside of London and you will be able to marvel at a veritable array of attractions in diverse regions. Warwick Castle is an oft-favoured landmark for visitors to explore. From its relatively unassuming early beginnings in 914, when Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, deigned that an earthen rampart be constructed to defend the small hill top community of Warwick, it has been through a great deal of development. It now possesses spectacular glory. The Castle has also held an enthralling past, which dates back, astoundingly, nearly 1,100 years.

Explore the exceptionally stately interiors of the Castle. Simply become enticed by the elaborate and sumptuous furnishings of the rooms. Since the 14th century, the State Rooms have been embellished by consecutive sovereigns. Wander the extravagant Conservatory and Peacock Garden.

Eminent figures from a broad variety of fields have studied – and continue to study – at Christ Church, Cambridge: from household-name politicians to extraordinary writers, from great philosophers to scientists. Christ Church has given rise to 13 British Prime Ministers, a great deal more than, in fact, any other college in either Oxford or Cambridge. The very first German-Jewish intellectual to take up a post at Christ Church before 1933 was incomparable Albert Einstein himself.

As well as this, Lewis Carroll was a student and then a lecturer at the college, and was most well-known as the author of the monumentally successful Alice in Wonderland series of books. He was seen as an outstanding mathematician. W.H. Auden, the remarkable poet, also studied there, as did the distinguished philosopher John Locke – and many more intellectual heavyweights besides.

Explore London as well as other appealing and alluring areas of England, and ensure your tour in England is a spectacular one.


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