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Discount offered to widow of man killed on ship


Cruise line offers 25% discount on her next cruise

The British passenger shipping company Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) has offered the widow of a man who died on board one of its ships a 25% discount on her next cruise. The widow turned down the offer.

The company made the offer to Helen Swinstead after her husband James, 85, was killed when four of the restaurant windows on the Marco Polo were smashed by a wave during a heavy storm on Friday. The ship was returning from a cruise in Norway.

Having already criticised the ship for being poorly maintained, Swinstead rejected the future discount, saying, “I don’t think that would tempt me back. At least not until that ship is up to standard.”

Following the death of Mr Swinstead, CMV has been widely criticised as to why the Marco Polo was allowed at sea in such severe conditions.

The Times reported claims that the ship was making 20 knots instead of its normal 15, and was 12 hours ahead of schedule as it approached the English Channel.

The ship is currently the subject of an investigation by the Bahamas Maritime Authority, but it had been cleared to sail for the Norwegian cruise.

TTG Digital / The Times

[pictured: Marco Polo in Bergen, 2010; photo by Luca Riva]


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