Home News Disaster strikes heritage village in Norway

Disaster strikes heritage village in Norway


Firefighters trying to stop blaze hampered by strong winds



A total of 177 people were admitted to hospital and 23 buildings including 16 homes destroyed during a tragic fire over the weekend in the much-visited heritage village of Lærdalsøyri north of Bergen.

“It is a disaster,” the village’s deputy mayor and chief physician Geir Berge Overland told the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK. “For those who are there it is an inferno. There are flames and smoke everywhere and a powerful wind that makes the situation very difficult.”

Emergency teams were hampered by strong winds as they fought the fire overnight and into Sunday morning. It took firefighters until Sunday afternoon to extinguish the blaze.

A number of historically listed buildings were affected. Two people remain in hospital.

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[pictured: Lærdalsøyri, Sognefjord; photo by Frode Inge Helland]


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