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Destination Iran updates its tours to Iran for fall 2012


June 8th, 2012 – Destination Iran has updated its tours to Iran considering the feedback from its travelers to improve the experience of the tourists who will travel with Destination Iran.

This is going to be the final detailed edition of the tour itinerary each package will have with particular attention to the requirements of the majority of travelers to Iran.

During traveling in Iran, tourists express what attracts their attention more what they are after. According to tour guides and data reflected in evaluation sheets filled by travelers at the end of each trip, Destination Iran has managed to discover which areas required revision and updated them at its Iran tourism services.

Some natural attractions like salt lakes, some more Persian gardens like Dolat Abad in Yazd, some ancient sites like Sassanian Palace of Bahram in Sarvestan are among the additions. So, the travelers who visit Iran after fall 2012, will experience more varieties at all tour packages.

Rahman Mehraby, the owner of Destination Iran explains, “As particular sites like bazaars, tea houses, museums, citadels, hammams, etc were very much sought for by the majority of the travelers, we found out they should be included explicitly in our itineraries.” He continues, “We have also noticed the improvement in accommodations of Kashan and decided to include a one-night stay there so that people get to explore the city for themselves.”

The restoration of some of these old houses into pleasant accommodation for tourists plus the additions of a large hotel and few reasonable restaurants in recent years have made the overnight stay in Kashan worthwhile. Therefore, when travelers plan an Iran trip, they can include Kashan in their itineraries too.

About Destination Iran

Destination Iran is an Iranian-based tour and travel service provider that plans, customizes and conducts cultural incoming tours. This company offers Iran visa services, hotel booking, transportation, guidance in several languages, VIP services, etc.


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