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Design Hotels presents seven natural wonders


From pristine, powdery white beaches to the intoxicating, unrefined beauty of a remote national park, Design Hotels™ puts the spotlight on seven member hotels taking guests back to nature in inimitable style.

A secluded, jungle-wrapped enclave of Panama’s Portobelo Bay provides the stunning organic backdrop to El Otro Lado. Heading north to Mexico, Papaya Playa Project’s progressive cultural programming matched with its peerless location on an idyllic stretch of the Caribbean coast allows guests to reconnect to nature with an urban spirit. Staying on the Riviera Maya and Hotel La Semilla’s ocean-view rooftop terrace and lush, hammock-dotted garden provide perfect perches to take in the spectacular locale. Surrounded by tropical forests and situated on one of Nicaragua’s most beautiful bays, Meson Nadi’s warm, intimate atmosphere ensures guests feel like they are staying at a home of a friend—albeit one with exceptional taste. In Northern Portugal, Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park’s innovative, sustainable architecture wraps itself around a centuries-old park—offering a truly immersive ‘back to nature’ experience. Amid the verdant landscape of Kenting National Park on the southernmost tip of Taiwan, Gloria Manor offers an eco-conscious retreat in a former presidential guesthouse. Deep in the Japanese countryside, Satoyama Jujo’s exquisite farm-to-table cuisine and hot spring spa provide a uniquely local, natural experience.

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