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Dental checks in Thailand: plus and minus


It’s cheap, but there are several risks attached

More and more people from the Nordic countries are visiting Thailand – for the dentistry as well as sun and sand. They are attracted by the reasonable price, convenience and high quality.
“A visit to a Thai dentist can save people a lot of money,” Nalinee Pananon, head of the Tourist Authority of Thailand office for Scandinavia. “Often they can save half or two-thirds of the bill in relation to dental treatment at home. So there will be a little more for the holidays.”
A number of clinics in Thailand have now been internationally accepted. Dentists often have experience of working in foreign countries and speak good English. There is usually little waiting time. However, the Danish Dental Association has concerns about dentistry abroad.
“You lose the consistency of the treatment achieved by going with the same dentist over time,” Claus Jørgensen, the association’s communications manager says. “You should also be aware that you cannot complain or seek redress in Denmark over treatment carried out abroad. Additionally, […] many treatments get the best results with follow-ups and minor adjustments. If there is a need for such adjustments, it can be inconvenient to have to take a trip to the dentist abroad again.”
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[pictured: Bangkok International Dental Clinic]


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