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Denmark to invest heavily in rail transport


Country to invest billions in train travel up to 2030

Massive investments are planned to bring Denmark’s rail services into the 21st century, a Transport Ministry memo reveals. Plans include an extension of Copenhagen’s Metro system, electrifying the rail system and introducing light rail systems up until the year 2030.

By spending DKK 110.3 billion (€14.8 billion) on new trains, the ministry wants to cut travel times between cities. It will implement an “hour model” to cut travel times between Denmark’s five largest cities to an hour.

“This is going to benefit a lot of people,” Andreas Steenberg, spokesman for government coalition partners the Social Liberals, said. “We expect there will be more passengers on the trains because they will drive faster and arrive on time.”

The Local

[photo by Jens Hasse/Chili foto/DSB]


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