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Denmark plans to collect all air passenger data


Data on passengers’ names, passports, travel patterns, companions
As moves to create a proposal on the collection of air passenger data stumble in the European parliament, where many members are concerned about privacy, Denmark is pressing ahead with a plan of its own.
The Danish government aims to give the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) permission to collate data on all flights in and out of the country, including passengers’ names, passport information, travel patterns and travel companions.
“In the fight against terror, it is an essential weapon that PET can quickly and effectively get access to information on possible terrorists on the way to or from Denmark,” Justice Minister Mette Frederiksen tells the daily Berlingske.
“The terror threat against Denmark is unfortunately serious and the proposal would, among other things, strengthen PET’s abilities to identify people who travel to conflict zones to fight alongside terror organizations.”
The Local
[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]


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