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Denmark leads boom in women-only hotel floors


Rapid increase in female business travel brings new hotel trend

Europe’s first hotel floor dedicated entirely to women has a name, the Bella Donna. The 17th floor of Copenhagen’s Bella Sky Hotel has been designed by women, for women, according to the property’s CEO Arne Bang Mikkelsen. The rooms boast soft rose and burgundy toned colours, fresh flowers, fashion magazines, fruit smoothies and a bathroom with products that include day and night moisturizers. There’s a locked glass entrance to the floor. The hotel management had asked female guests what they wanted in a hotel room. Their priorities: cleanliness, a pleasant bathroom, high-powered hairdryers, healthy snacks, steam irons, cosmetic mirrors and full-body mirrors. Women want to feel safe, comfortable, empowered and valued, says a Cornell University professor who has made similar research.
Bella Sky Hotel CEO Arne Bang Mikkelsen: “Men’s and women’s preferences are very different. When men come into a hotel room, the first thing they do is check the view, turn on the TV, plug in their computer and check out the minibar. Women on the other hand go straight for the bathroom. Does it smell nice? Is it clean? Does it have a nice bathtub and shower?”
[pictured: Bella Sky Hotel; courtesy Bella Sky Hotel]


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