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Delays at Norwegian bring piles of complaints


More than 200 complaints lodged with consumer board

Unhappy customers at Norwegian are making more complaints than ever before, both with the airline itself and with Transportklagenemnda, Norway’s transport complaints board.

More than 200 complaints have been registered with the board alone, as Norwegian’s new Boeing 787 Dreamliners continue to cause stress and headaches for many passengers.

“We have never before seen this scope of complaints in a single case,” Judge Einar Kaspersen, who chairs the tribunal, told the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

He said typically the first port of call for unhappy customers was the airline itself. The tribunal then reviews Norwegian’s handling of the case.

“There are probably many who neglect to go further with the matter after they’ve first been rejected. Anyone can complain further,” Kaspersen said.

Most complaints refer to problems experienced last autumn when technical problems delayed the Dreamliners’ delivery forcing the carrier to delay or cancel flights and lease old aircraft.

There were also significant problems over the Christmas and New Year period, with broken air conditioning on one long-haul flight stranding hundreds of passengers.


[pictured: Boeing 787 Dreamliner; courtesy Norwegian]


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