Home News Delay in delivery of Norwegian Dreamliners?

Delay in delivery of Norwegian Dreamliners?


Boeing discovers wing cracks in around 40 planes

Norwegian had been expecting delivery of four more Boeing 787 Dreamliners this spring, but this may now be delayed by several weeks. Boeing says it has discovered wing cracks in the planes, the newspaper Aftenposten reports.

“Hairline cracks” have been found in the wings of around 40 Dreamliners now in production, Boeing admits. However, Norwegian told the newspaper it remained confident in Boeing’s ability to honour its obligations.

“When Boeing agrees deliveries with us, there is always room for delays. We expect these deliveries to happen within that time,” a spokeswoman for the airline said.

In total, Norwegian has ordered 14 787s, including three now in operation that have suffered many technical setbacks.


[photo courtesy Norwegian]


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