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Debris found in Maldives kept for MH370 analysis


Islanders have spotted debris on several occasions
There have been sightings of debris in the Maldives over the last month that may be from missing flight MH370, police there say.
Islanders in the Indian Ocean nation have spotted unidentified debris on several occasions. Authorities were told about the sightings on Saturday.
“There is new attention to these sightings after the discovery at Reunion,” a spokesman said, referring to the wing part found in late July. Reunion and the Maldives lie about 3,200km apart.
Mohamed Shareef, a minister at the Maldivian president’s office, said: “We are collecting any unidentified debris and storing them in a warehouse so that the Malaysians can carry out tests and determine if it is from their plane or not.”
The biggest piece of debris, measuring 2.4 by 0.6 metres, washed up in the Maldives a few days ago. But it appears to be discarded resort construction material. However, all debris is being kept to be examined by experts.
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